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A Little Girl Sings You Are My Sunshine To Her Cat

The story of A Little Girl Sings You Are My Sunshine To Her Cat. A little girl named Abby wrote and sang a beautiful song to her cat Bailey. Bailey has been in the family since she was born and the two share a special bond. Abby loved reading books and singing to Bailey. Her mother recorded a video of the adorable moment she and Bailey shared. It turned out to be the perfect time to send Bailey to a vet. He had been suffering from kidney failure.

A Little Girl Sings You Are My Sunshine To Her Cat – Abby Merryn

A Facebook video of four-year-old Abby singing “You Are My Sunshine” to her cat has gone viral. The adorable video shows Bailey purring in her arms while Abby sings the song to him. The video has been viewed thousands of times, and the mother’s post has gone viral. Bailey’s death was only three hours after the video was posted. Abby’s beautiful voice has captivated viewers.


Bailey is a beautiful black cat owned by a young girl named Merryn Bailey. Merryn first adopted Bailey at the age of two. She included him in her daily life and even took pictures and videos to document his behavior. Eventually, Bailey became an integral part of her family. It’s hard to believe that this sweet cat can actually sing, but she is doing just that with this video.

Erin Merryn

Erin Merryn has dedicated an Instagram account to her cat, Bailey, since she adopted him 15 years ago. Her daughter, Abby, read books to Bailey and sang “You are my sunshine” to him. Bailey had an extremely loyal fan base who would follow her around everywhere she went. Bailey’s adorable personality also inspired Erin to write a book about Bailey, called Bailey, No Ordinary Cat. Bailey’s passing has left Bailey’s family grieving.

A Little Girl Sings You Are My Sunshine To Her Cat – Hannah Merryn

A new song by a college student has gone viral: Hannah Merryn sings You Are My Sunshine to her cat. The cat, named Bailey, was a tabby, and she bought him from the pet store. The cat was a favorite of Merryn’s for nearly 10 years. Bailey was a cherished pet and was always by her side. Bailey’s death came as a shock to everyone, but the song has remained a hit among fans.

Erin Merryn’s daughters

A mom in Illinois recently captured a unique moment between her daughters and their cat. Abby, four, sung the classic Johnny Cash song to her pet cat, Bailey. Bailey purred in response and fell asleep in her arms. The video has received thousands of views and shares on social media. Now, Bailey has an official video to sing along with. Hopefully, this will encourage more people to sing to their pets and make them happy!

A Little Girl Sings You Are My Sunshine To Her Cat – Erin Merryn’s husband

A video posted on Instagram by Erin Merryn’s husband has gone viral. It shows her singing “You are my sunshine to my cat” to her beloved kitty Bailey. Bailey was a beloved pet who passed away just before Christmas. The video received worldwide attention and has now been seen by millions of people. It is not only a touching moment between two people who love their pet equally, but also a heartwarming message.

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