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How to Spot a Sepia Ragdoll Cat

A seal sepia ragdoll cat is not actually white at birth; instead, their coats begin light and gradually turn dark as they grow older. Their deep brown points and coats mimic vintage photographs. Seal sepias are said to be descended from the black or brown Burmese and seal point ragdoll cats. However, sepia coloration is not common among ragdoll cats.

┬áSepia Ragdoll Cat – Seal point ragdoll

The Seal point ragdoll cat is a rare breed and is not officially recognized as a Ragdoll. Its coat is a unique combination of seal and mitted coloring, with points that extend down the legs and stop before the paws. The result is a cat with a seal point coat, but with white or cream “mittens” on its paws.

The sepia point Ragdoll is a variation of the seal color, and has rich brown points that resemble the look of an ocean seal. It is rarer than the other ragdoll colors, but it is less prone to health issues. It has a beautiful, mellow personality and enjoys spending time with its owners. The breed originated from a brown Burmese and seal point ragdoll cats.

Seal point ragdoll cats are darker than other ragdolls and have the fluffiest, softest coats of all. The deep brown points of a sepia ragdoll’s coat mimic the look of a vintage photograph. Although sepia coloration is unusual among ragdolls, it is very appealing.

Chocolate bicolor ragdoll

A bicolor Ragdoll cat has a beautiful coat in both white and chocolate. The coat of a bicolor Ragdoll cat is usually thick and glossy, with a white inverted V on its face. It also has white spots on its chin, belly, legs, and saddle. The paw pads on this breed are typically pink. The markings on a bicolor Ragdoll cat can vary from cat to cat.

Unlike the bicolor Ragdoll cat, a Chocolate point Ragdoll has an uneven coat pigmentation. Some have only a slight spotting of white on their muzzle, while others are entirely brown. Their markings are also very similar to those on a mitted cat, but will vary slightly. This difference is due to the way the white spots are placed. While chocolate point Ragdolls are often considered ‘pure white’, they are not necessarily true white.

Cream point ragdoll

Cream point Ragdoll cats are the most common Ragdoll color. They are born with pure white bodies with contrasting cream patches on the tips and tail. The paw pads are typically white or pink. Some Cream point Ragdolls have reddish-pink points. The white body with a cream tipped tail is the most common color, while a black cat with a red point is the rarest of all Ragdolls.

The Lilac Cream Point Ragdoll is born white but develops color over the course of two weeks or six months. The point color may fade as the cat matures. These Ragdolls have a chocolate tortie body and lynx point markings on the ears and feet. This coloration gives them a very fluffy appearance. The Lilac Cream Point Ragdoll is very beautiful.

┬áSepia Ragdoll Cat – Lilac color point ragdoll

The Lilac color point ragdoll is a dilute variation of the Chocolate Ragdoll. The coat of this kitten is milk-white with pink or orange highlights. The flame point Ragdoll has white fur with orange tipped patches. The Lilac color point is one of the most popular Ragdolls on the Internet. It is a lovely addition to any household.

Like its chocolate-colored counterpart, lilac colorpoint Ragdoll cats have two distinct genetic mutations in their coats that give them a pinkish hue on their points. The point color of a Lilac is more muted, appearing like a light shade of lavender or cream. A Lilac color point cat has pink nose leather, while its Blue counterpart has black nose leather. Lilac Point cats are easy to identify, as they turn pink around 12 weeks old. Those looking for a purebred Lilac can have a genetic test to confirm that the cat is a Lilac Point.

Although the Lilac Ragdoll cat is the most popular color for Ragdolls, it is far from purple. This beautiful color is more light than purple and contains no pink or blue markings. It is actually white with a lavender-pink hue. The Lilac color point ragdoll cat is one of six official colors recognized by the major cat showing organizations. However, it is important to understand that not all Ragdolls are the same color.

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