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Mystical Companion of a Witch – Why Does a Witch Often Have a Black Cat?

Mystical Companion of a Witch

The mystical companion of a witch often has a special meaning for the person, and cats are no different. While poodles are also considered familiars, cats are particularly special, especially black ones, which bring good luck. Black cats, meanwhile, are considered lucky because they represent Sekhmet. So, why does a witch often have a black cat? Let’s find out.

Mystical Companion of a Witch – Cats are a mystical companion of a witch

In ancient Egypt, cats were revered as supernatural beings, helping witches perform their rituals. A cat’s sixth sense, or intuition, allowed it to interact with spirits. They have also been known to summon the devil, as well as help with divination and sacred circle rituals. This mystical association with cats is rooted in witchcraft, which emphasizes the importance of being one with nature. The Egyptians treated cats as sacred animals, and many cat sacrifices were made to this deity.

Poodles are a familiar

Historically, a witch had a familiar to teach her the secrets of her magic and provide advice. These creatures had shape-shifting abilities, and could be anything from cats and dogs to owls and mice. Often, a witch would confess to having encountered the devil in a black dog form. While the devil may not have been directly responsible for witches becoming evil, it was often a sign of an impending doom.

Mystical Companion of a Witch – Black cats are a sign of good fortune

Because The Asian culture holds several beliefs about black cats. Black cats frighten away evil spirits and bring wealth into the household. In Japan, “fortune cats” come in black and white varieties and are said to bring good fortune to people who own them. Some cultures also believe that black cats scare away demons and stalkers. While the Japanese have not verified these claims, they still believe that seeing a black cat in a bar is a good omen.


The Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, often represented as a cat, is often the mystical companion of a witch. The cat was often shown with a crown made of fire or pure sunlight and a lioness head. Because Sekhmet was also known as The Terrible One and She Who Is Powerful. She was associated with the color red and the elements of fire and light.


For thousands of years, the mystical cat, Bastet, was associated with women and was considered sacred. Egyptians considered the cat to be the physical embodiment of Bastet. Because Bast was worshiped equally by the Sun and Moon and would lounge around in the sun during the day and frolic in the moonlight at night. Bast and Sekhmet were close partners in their lives.



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