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Straight Coated Outcross Kittens

If you’re interested in breeding a straight-coated cat, you may be wondering whether or not you can outcross kittens with the Toyger or Devon Rex. Here are a few facts about these two cats. If you’re curious about how they look and their temperaments, read on. You can also check out the outcross history of the Straight Coated, and why you should do it. If you’d like to see more pictures of these two cats, go to the Straight Coated outcross page.

Outcross Kittens – Straight Coated outcross

The distinctive appearance of straight coated outcross kittens is caused by a recessive gene in these breeds. Each kitten must receive one copy of the gene from each parent to develop this coat type. Similar cats have been found in feral populations and have now entered the gene pool of domestic cats. In order to ensure a diverse gene pool, these breeds are outcrossed to black domestic cats. Several domestic breeds have straight coated coats.

The lilac female cat, named Snejana, was originally bred with a rex-coated Persian-type cat. She was believed to be a carrier of the curly gene, and she mated with a bicolor Scottish cat that was also a carrier of the Cornish Rex gene. The resulting litter produced four kittens, one of them curly.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a popular breed of cat that is great for people with allergies. They’re docile and cuddly with an easygoing personality and don’t shed much. In addition to being adorable, these cats are also very easy to live with as they don’t require a lot of space. To prepare your home for the new kitten, you’ll want to make sure that your medications and poisons are secure in a cabinet. Also, be sure to tie down any blind cords, especially the ones that are too long. Keep all external doors shut and remove any objects that may pose a choking hazard. Finally, remove any foreign objects and toys from the area where your cat will play.

The beauty of this breed lies in the way it looks. While there are a few differences between Devon Rex cats and other types of cats, their basic appearance is the same all over the world. This breed of cat is small to medium-sized, with a soft, velvety coat that ripples with waves. They look like Gremlins or Little Orphan Annie’s tousled mop. They are friendly and playful, and do well with children and other pets.

Outcross Kittens – Fleecy Cloud

The Fleecy Cloud breed was developed by Margarita Ekimova. Its distinctive features are its wide almond-shaped eyes and springy texture. Its long, wavy coat is incredibly soft and does not become matted or droopy. The kittens are a wonderful addition to any family. And with a price tag starting at under $100, it’s easy to see why it’s a favorite breed.

The two breeders developed their curly-coated cats in the Perm region of Russia. Margarita, an experienced breeder, had developed a more advanced breeding program and used it to improve conformation and expand the gene pool. The two women eventually swapped cats and Aleecy joined the breeding programme. In time, their breeding program produced kittens that are close to breed standards. And since the two cats were so similar, they have a history of improving each other’s breeding programmes.

Outcross Kittens – Toyger

The Toyger outcross kitten is an ideal pet for people who want a kitten with a diverse set of personality traits. Despite its name, these cats are mainly orange and tan in color. However, they have distinctive darker stripes that branch out into different colors. As they have a high energy level, it is important to keep a tab on their activities. Toyger cats are very intelligent, and they will require constant mental and physical stimulation. Their sociable and athletic nature make them great pets for households with children.

The Toyger breed was developed by Judy Sugden, the founder of the Bengal cat. She developed the Toyger by crossing a domestic shorthair cat with a Bengal. Because they are all domestic, they have no wild blood. Sugden noticed that the pattern on a Bengal’s temple was quite different from that of a domestic tabby. So she began breeding these two cats. The result was a kitten with striking striped coloring.

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