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About Us

Team nexnoks here today we are here to talk about our site purpose. So we mainly talk about pets. We talk about the things that you need to know about your pets. Things like taking care of pets. Or how to get a pet for yourself this kind of content can be found on our site. Also you can get ideas from our site about what type of pet is good for you too. After you get a pet you can read articles and get an idea about how to take care of your pet. So how do we bring articles to you guys. Basically team nexnocks is a combination of veterinarians and animal rescuers and good writers. We all get together and search for the best true facts for you guys to read in the article. Then we write them and finalize them then we bring it to you guys. 

So what categories we talks about in our site. We have main seven categories. First one is dogs. In this category we talk about everything that you need to know about dogs. Then we have cats second in this category. We mainly focus on adult cats and also kittens. Then we talk about birds so basically we talk about pet birds and we also upload articles about wild birds as well. Next we have rabbits. We talk about household rabbits on this topic. One of our main categories is horses and pigs. We talk about these two categories about horses and household piglets. Then we have other pets categories. On this we talk about lizards and pets like hamsters and also exotic pets. So this is all I got to say about ourselves. As usual I will see you guys soon.