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The Advantages of Using the Hanvey LIP System For Dog Grooming

LIP System For Dog Grooming

The Hanvey LIP System for dog grooming is the original full length grooming arm, built to withstand human weight. The three-point positioning support allows your pet to stand comfortably while being groomed. This allows you to achieve the perfect dog grooming posture, allowing you to get your pet into the best position for you. The Hanvey LIP System is available in four models. You can choose whichever suits your needs best.

LIP System For Dog Grooming – Benefits of a full-length grooming arm

There are many advantages of using a full-length dog grooming arm, but what are the most important ones? Read on to learn about them! Full-length dog grooming arms are safer for your pet and more comfortable than other options. These tables are sturdy enough to support the entire weight of a human, making them the safest choice for securing your pet while grooming. They are designed to provide three-point positioning support for optimal posture in every breed and size.

A full-length dog grooming arm can be purchased from a pet store or made at home. You can drill holes through the table’s end and attach straight conduit. After you cut the conduit, you can file off the rough edges with an exterior cover to make sure they’re level. You can also attach two connectors to the elbow conduit. You can adjust the height of the arms to fit your pet’s height.

Safety issues

The Petco brand of dog grooming is causing widespread controversy. Recently, two groomers escaped the company for safety reasons. While not a part of an organized movement, the two groomers identified their problems through social media and word of mouth. They raised their concerns with managers and the CEO, but were dismissed as a nuisance. So, what can pet owners do to protect their beloved pets? Read on to learn about some of the most common problems.


The original full-length grooming arm, the Hanvey LIP System, is the best tool for this job. It’s sturdy enough to hold a human’s weight, and it offers three-point positioning support to allow dogs to stand comfortably. The patented system will help your pooch achieve the proper posture while you groom him. There are many other advantages of using this equipment. Read on to learn more about its benefits and features.

LIP System For Dog Grooming – Tools

For the best results when working on your pet, use the right tools for the job. Brushes and clippers are essential, but what else do you need? Combs are an indispensable part of grooming, as they help lift the hair and remove tangles from the coat. They can also be used to separate strands for scissoring. A greyhound comb has a wider comb on one half than the other and is designed for a close shave. Another essential tool is the wide-toothed comb, which is used for finishing work.

While grooming a dog, proper sanitation is essential to prevent the spread of disease and infection. Always disinfect your tools, and always wash them with UV sanitizer. The tools should be used on one dog at a time and should not be shared with other dogs. A properly groomed dog will look and feel great! It is also important to clean the tools properly, as they may be very expensive. To prevent cross-contamination, it is best to disinfect them before reusing.

LIP System For Dog Grooming  – Anatomy

If you’re a professional groomer, understanding canine anatomy is the most important lesson you can learn. This knowledge is the basis of good grooming. Without it, you can’t expect to provide your clients with a superior grooming experience or build a healthy relationship with your furry friend. Here are some things to know about the lip system. To start, a dog’s mouth is divided into three basic areas: the philtrum (upper part of the lip), the vellus (lower part of the vellus), and the labiomentum.

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